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Hypersensitive Bob [Review] logo

Hypersensitive Bob [Review]

Poor Bob is allergic to everything, but one day he decides to step outside of his cozy cocoon and travel the World, collecting inoculation materials by blasting anything that moves with his Inhagun 2000. ... read more


Dog logo

Herding Dog

Certainly a unique concept for a computer game, Herding Dog is quite unlike anything you've played before! Enjoy some casual gaming as you herd cute animals, protect them from wolves and other predators.... read more

Hypersensitive Bob [Steam Greenlight Spot] logo

Hypersensitive Bob [Steam Greenlight Spot]

An ordinary chap with quite an extraordinary dilemma. Bob has an allergy, as many other folks have too. But with Bob it's different. Bob has an allergy of everything. Bob has an allergy of everything. ... read more

Hard West logo

Hard West

True to it's name, Hard West is a tough tale set in the unforgiving wilderness of the Wild West. In the opening scene, your mother is lost to bandits. Left with low hope and little choice, your father ropes... read more

Haywire on Fuel Station Zeta logo

Haywire on Fuel Station Zeta

This game/giveaway was covered on external platforms, before online reviews and dedicated pages were introduced on Bobmanbob.

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Halloween Mystery Giveaway [2015] logo

Halloween Mystery Giveaway [2015]

50 mystery boxes eventually transformed into cryptic clues in this celebratory Halloween event, which resulted in 50 people winning spooky games just right for Halloween.

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